Name Tyler Navarro age 24 weight plushie height light energem Red,Orange,Yellow, Wardrobe Red Costume, Superman, Robin Hood, henshin Costume, Father James Navarro/ Girlfriend Sheila

The Monsters he fought many monsters but here,s the list Fury, Wrench, and Sledge whilst in a group of Rangers

Reese he only appeared in one episode Dino Super Charge Henshin Colour Orange dinosaur Tyronnoarex and later became Anthony colour yellow,

Dad in the episode of trying to find his father he had a fixed dino Charger he forgot he was Tyler and became T-rex (lighting mode) instead of talking he,d roared

The Base in a old episode Past, Present and Fusion he saw his own zord and Dinosaur T-rex whilst standing next to Kendall quote I get to morph again (Cool)

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